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Airconstruct HVAC have led the way in mining Air conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration for over ten years. We have extensive experience and strive to meet the challenges this unique sector presents. Our staff understand the intricacies of mining centric processes including 1SAP and Safety Auditing. We have also developed our own specialised system called Airconnect  to track interaction with HVAC Assets, enabling us to quickly generate status reports and track compliance for clients.

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We pride ourselves on being able to look after a complete site and all of its infrastructure such as Crib Rooms, Mobile Crib Rooms, Offices, Heavy Equipment, Warehouses, MCC’s, Switch Rooms, Control Rooms, Wahsplants, Train Loadouts, Bathhouses, Workshops, Labs, Accommodation, Repeater Stations, Air Driers, Ice Machines and Light Vehicles. Each of these requires a different system to keep them running optimally in the harsh environment.

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Draglines and Shovels

Airconstruct holds the enviable position of looking after the largest fleet of draglines and shovels in the Bowen Basin.
Our team has built a reputation for the quality of work we carry out and the initiatives we have undertaken such as developing and building our own equipment for draglines. We are also able to complete servicing and repairs to dragline house ventilation fans.


Through our own research and development program we are now capable of building cooling systems that can withstand the extreme conditions that heavy mining equipment creates. Corrosion, vibration and dust is amplified on heavy equipment out in the field. As such we only recommend specialised industrial units with a proven track record designed specifically for those conditions.

iCool Package Unit For Draglines Case Study

Intro :
The iCool unit was developed to be a mid priced air conditioning unit for heavy machinery, to keep either the operators cab or power control room cool, while having the durability to withstand mining conditions.

Is it possible to produce a unit with better durability for heavy machinery than units of standard manufacture such as APAC or temperzone units ($15,000) but be more cost effective than the market leaders package units ($44,000)?

The iCool unit was designed with rough treatment and corrosion in mind. It’s made of 3.0 mm stainless steel and fitted with vibration dampeners.

It would have been ideal if some of the Australian manufactures were able to be more flexible when approached for custom solutions. However this provided a nice way to highlight our engineering skills and heavy machinery HVAC proficiency. The iCool unit came in at roughly $25,000 which suited the client due to an increase in financial considerations because of the mining down turn.


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