Data Centres and Critical System Environments

At Airconstruct H.V.A.C. we understand the importance of critical infrastructure cooling and we are here to support your operation in every respect. This is why we are trusted by Australia’s largest miner, BHP to keep their critical operational systems functioning in their computer rooms across the Bowen Basin. We have previously undertaken a live operational replacement of all of the Computer Room Airconditioners at Brisbane Magistrates Court, where all of the 92 Court Houses of Queensland back up all network computing, court transcriptions, building access and C.C.T.V.

We can provide strategic preventative maintenance and breakdown services for Data Centre cooling systems, Motor Control Centres, Switch Rooms and Substations. Regular maintenance is essential to keep systems operating optimally and to achieve the full available cooling capacity. We also have extensive expertise in effective dust mitigation strategies through high grade filtration or room pressurization systems which can dramatically reduce the potential of dust ingress into computer racks, variable speed drive cabinets which assists in the prevention of accidental gaseous fire system discharge.

We pride ourselves on the level of training our staff receive to ensure they exceed all requirements for working in large scale electrical environments and all staff have electrical licences specific to the tasks involved when repairing air conditioning systems.

Airconstruct H.V.A.C. has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and retrofitting and re-commissioning of critical infrastructure cooling as demonstrated in our project portfolio. We are the trusted contractor to some of the largest mining operations in Central Queensland.

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