Innovation is business as usual at Airconstruct. We are developing a fault detection and diagnostic system for large volume/low capacity direct expansion system situations to the benefit of industries like Hospitality, Schools, and Mining. Sites where multiples of units exist that have no built in analytic capability. We realize there are two main factors driving current maintenance practices.

1) Scheduling based on intervals recommended in the manufacturers service manual that understandably have only one objective which is to reduce the manufacturer’s warranty.

2) Every location is different and the service intervals should be matched to the environment or we can be under or over servicing equipment.

Our research intent is to find the envelope of specific air conditioning performance parameters which through data acquisition and proprietary artificial intelligence that can accurately predict if a particular air conditioning unit requires cleaning staff or trained HVAC maintenance staff to attend through a layered response level. This art is well advanced and already subject to provisional patent.

When a particular unit approaches and falls outside of its operating parameters a notification is pushed into our scheduling software so that staff can be allocated to attend in accordance with the information provided.

Furthermore, and interlinked to the savings this process creates is that and all Worksafe Australia and state government regulators all require people to be trained and competent so we have developed a training package for HVAC Hygiene which allows cleaning staff who already hold core cleaning skills to be trained to a Certificate 2 level so they can carry out low level non-invasive maintenance. All operational parameters are recorded through the Airchek app and any anomalies presented by the inputs to the app are automatically flagged for follow up.

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