Hospitality and Health



Airconstruct has extensive experience with the unique requirements of the Hospitality sector. From our first project in 1999, the Suncity resort in Surfers Paradise, through the 2012 resort of the world winner Qualia resort on Hamilton island, and many projects in between, we have a variety of methods for ensure guests experience the best possible indoor environment through the provision of fresh air.

This includes natural air cleaning products and large scale sanitation options. We can also monitor and report on developing risks to ensure you stay ahead and can remediate any potential problems well in advance.

We offer affordable and effective energy saving devices for every room to make sure your guests’ energy consumption is limited to what is required for their comfort, which in turn can reduce your energy consumption by up to 60%

We handle large scale discrete duct cleaning to remove microbial growth and other unwanted contaminants. All of this can be done out of sight and with little of no disruption to ensure that your guests and customers can focus on enjoying their experience.

With domestic and international visitor numbers increasing steadily throughout 2104 now is the time to develop your competitive advantage by engaging with our Airhygiene division.


Operating Theatre LightAirconstruct HVAC has extensive experience with the often complex requirements of servicing Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Systems in operational Health and community care facilities.

Utilising design principles based around the ongoing hygiene and energy efficiency activities that are often mandated, we have formulated strategies that are underpinned by our intimate knowledge of the service intensive health facility. We are able to design and construct new HVAC systems, or upgrade existing systems including infection control and medical gases. We have six trained Aeris guard applicators to apply anti microbial coatings as specified by Queensland Health.

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