Dedicated to creating healthy indoor environments for your home, office or entire building


What is Airhygiene?

Airhygiene is a division of Airconstruct dedicated to creating healthy indoor environments for your home, office or entire building. We have the equipment and expertise to provide comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Audits.


Why choose Airhygiene?

Specialised field of the H.V.A.C. industry

We have invested over 40K in duct cleaning equipment, indoor air quality analysing equipment and personnel training to be able to offer this service.

NADCA protocols

Willos Heaney trained in America with Air Care International to the level of the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) protocols.


David Jones the company’s founder is currently training to be a fully certified Building Biologist.

Indoor Air Quality

Please download a sample Indoor Air Quality Report here.


How does Airhygiene get put into play?

In the case of commercial premises, it begins with a walk through inspection to gather information. We may survey the building occupants and their locations, movements, tasks, and note any symptoms they may be experiencing. We then carefully examine the inside of the building’s air conditioning and ventilation systems to discover what possible contaminants could be present, which could involve taking samples for laboratory testing and determining how people could be exposed in order to formulate corrective actions.

In a home it could just be a simple analysis of the systems and treatment with Aeris guard to bring the equipment to a safe, hygienic state. For a more detailed explanation of the process please download some additional reading here.




How IEQ affects people and productivity
How IEQ affects people and productivity
Indoor Air
Indoor Air
Sample IAQ Report
Sample IAQ Report
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