iCool Prototype Package Unit For Draglines

Case Study
About This Project

The iCool unit was developed by Airconstruct HVAC under an Ausindustry Research and Development Program in 2009.

Would it be possible to produce a unit with better durability for heavy machinery in severe environments other than units of standard manufacture such as APAC ($15,000) but be more cost effective than the market leaders package units ($50,000)? We thought so and went about building a mid-priced (circa 25K) air conditioning unit for a Bowen Basin dragline.

We needed to have enough cooling capacity to maintain temperature in the power control room at 21 degrees C in 40 degrees C ambient conditions, while having the durability to withstand the vibration and wide condensor fin spacings to suit the dust generated in mining conditions. It can also be adapted to the Operators Cabin. It was designed with rigidity in mind and this prototype unit was produced in 3.00mm stainless steel and fitted vibration eliminators to all pipework sections.

The project gained some wider attention and positive reviews which also generated some leads and due to the pricing it seemed to find a niche as the G.F.C. took hold and cost cutting was in the spotlight, then the G.F.C. went as quickly as it came and we lost our momentum as our normal contracting obligations filled our order book. Would love to revisit this one day.

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