2 New Products


2 New Products

Airhygiene, the specialized division within Airconstruct dedicated to creating healthy indoor environments is happy to announce the release of 2 new products to enhance your indoor air Quality, well being and ultimately your health.

Air Oasis

Airconstruct. Through Airhygiene is now the QLD distributor of the Air Oasis range of indoor air purifiers. These units utilize a proprietary NASA developed PCO Nano technology. They do not require high, costly maintenance (like changing filters), low energy consumption, aluminium housing, sanitizes surfaces as well as the air, made in the USA, and documented independent studies are provided. They are an affordable solution to Allergies, Cigarette Smoke, Pet Odours, Bathroom Odours, Car Odours, Mold, Bacteria, MRSA, Odours, VOCs and much more. If you think that your indoor environment may be compromised why not take out I.A.Q. Survey and find out if we can help.


Airconstruct has been busy in the R&D department working on a new method for quickly and efficiently sanitising indoor Air Conditioners. We are happy to announce our new Hydro-Flush system, a no mess and effective way to improve your indoor air quality and keep your airconditoners energy efficient. Research has shown that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors yet many people don’t understand the health implications of not having their units sanitized and serviced regularly. Sometimes the effect upon one’s health can go unnoticed and other times it can be quite profound. Buildings are now built so airtight due to the costs of energy that we have indoor air quality issues due to a lack of fresh air. If units are not sanitized regularly they can support continuous growth of mould and Mycotoxins within the system, particularly in our humid tropical environment. The Hydro-Flush process we carry out is a complete sanitization of the unit which can often only be achieved by pulling the unit apart. What we call a strip and clean. If your unit only has low contamination it can be cleaned quickly without complete disassembly using our Hydroflush System. It’s tedious and time consuming but we have trained and efficient staff that makes the process affordable while still delivering the right results. After all it is about you. We understand you have expectations and we are here to meet or exceed them, and we won’t compromise your health.

Hydroflush coil

Close up of a Coil undergoing the HydroFlush system

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