Mt Isa Hospital

Airconstruct vehicle

Mt Isa Hospital

Recently Airconstruct was the successful tenderer for remediation work to the Mt Isa Hospital. Where we were required to make sure the duct work was in working order and give it some TLC. Through this opportunity we were able to demonstrate the efficiency of the natural Tea Tree products we have been testing to compliment our proven Aeris Gaurd Solutions. We were able to successfully fog the ducting with tea tree oil after it was thoroughly cleaned and wiped using our greywolf advanced sense meter to measure the Volatile Organic Compound count so that no one experienced any discomfort.

The Airhygiene team was assembled, David, Kim, Wiremu, Shannon, and Nic (Danger Mouse) and an Airconstruct road trip to Mt Isa began. After 2 days, 1 pub, and about 30 photo stops the boys arrived in Mt Isa. After grabbing a quick bite to eat they promptly went straight to work, which is pretty impressive seeing it was 3pm on a Saturday.

Over the next 18 days as a workgroup we had to overcame many challenges to stay on target while keeping to the core objective of not interrupting the operations of Mt Isa hospital while being sensitive to the needs of the staff and patients who are only there because they are in need of health services. Of course all of this was only possible with the assistance and unwavering co-operation provided by the nurses and building engineering staff throughout the duration of the project.

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