A lot of people don’t look up!

A lot of people don’t look up!

Having an air-conditioning system with thriving colonies of bacteria is nothing to be ashamed of as generally speaking, we just don’t look up. It blows cold air and that’s all we want right?

If you suspect that you have bugs in your systems then try this simple test. Take a torch and shine it inside the part of your unit where the cold air comes out and if it look anything like what you see in these pics, guess what, you’re doing bugs!

Why not call one of our specialist air hygienists to come and take a look and make a recommendation on the best course of remedial action. We use the Aeris Guard system wherever possible. A patented enzyme has been developed by special people in special white coats who have their own patented bug warriors that come to life with a bit of luke warm water and they are programmed for only one purpose; Seek and destroy bugs, and even better, it’s not tested on animals, just people. Its environmentally friendly and if you give our resident bugologist David Jones 2 cartons of beer and he will mix up a batch and drink it right before your eyes (he needs the 2 cartons first to pluck up the courage) Seriously, this gear works to the point where if you follow the process and do it right we warranty it for 12 months to two years depending on the state it is in currently.

For more information please go to http://www.dontdobugs.com.au

Old evaporator on a ducted system

An old evaporator on a ducted system in Paget

Dirty grille

Air Hygiene The Dirt and Bugs are Spreading. if the grille in this picture looks like it does then chances are the evaporator and return air duct look the same way

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