It’s a dogs life

It’s a dogs life

Recently Airconstruct H.V.A.C. have been sponsoring a “Dog friendly Walking group” through the Mackay City Council’s Active in the City program. Below is a thank you letter we relieved form the organizer.

Good Afternoon David,

I was given your email contact from  the Mackay council, she informed me that your company had generously sponsored our Dog friendly Walking group, as part of the Active in the City events. Our last walk is due to happen Saturday 16th November, unless we can gain more sponsorship.

The walks have been very popular with approx 25-30 walkers on Saturdays and 15-20 on Wednesday afternoons. I have been walking with this group since February this year, and it has steadily grown.

Out walkers look forward to the twice weekly meets, not just for exercising and socialising their dogs, but themselves too, its a great chance to get together, chat with other like minded people, and get some fun exercise.

It has astounded me the benefits this little group has had on some of the walkers, one lady who is older, and over weight, now walks the 1 hour walk with ease, when she first came she could only walk 10 mins then had to stop and rest….. Her health has improved dramatically, I have had people tell me how shy they are over email, and how they find it difficult to interact with others, only to turn up and have a great time meeting and chatting to new people.

Dogs are Therapy, and the more time we can spend around them, and getting the dogs and owners more social, the more benefit to the community. Better behaved dogs, more social people too.

So, on the behalf of all of the dog walkers, I thank you for this amazing opportunity,

With Warmest Regards

Susan Armstrong
(Dip. Pet Psy)

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