Worn Insulation

Worn Insulation

Ducted Systems in homes.

Ducted systems in homes are a marvelous thing. You need to maintain a vigilant check on them over the years to ensure you do not end up breathing in insulation fibers which are often made of fine glass. Over time the friction of the air passing on the insulation surfaces causes wear and sometimes tear. You need to have your ducted system checked internally to ensure the integrity of the insulation and therefore the quality of the air you are breathing. Here are a few pics of one we went to recently that was installed around 25 years ago. Still working, but unfortunately the insulation of the day does not stand up to time in the same way the mechanical equipment does. There were many of these ducted systems installed around Mackay in the early days of air-conditioning here and they should be services and inspected at least annually to ensure they are up to scratch.

David Jones

Worn insulation Worn insulation Worn insulation

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