The boys down at Airconresi are pleased to announce the release of their very own iPhone app, AirCool.

AirCool is a simple heat load calculator designed to give you an approximate estimation of your Air Conditioner needs. It’s essentially a slimmed down version of the calculations that are used in the industry. Why Slimmed Down? Well we thought that people might not want to enter their height above sea level or exact latitude and longitude so we kept it down to only 4 questions. A thorough heat load calculation could have 500+ questions and still only vary by .01 KW. That being said we do have the software for a comprehensive calculation feel free to contact us to find out more. Or there is also a link down the bottom containing the RESLOAD notes (based on the latest AREMA and CSIRO data) to give you a better idea in what in involved.

AirCool is just a small example of the technology we embrace to provide better service to the customer. Technology allows us to provide cheaper solutions while increasing quality. We use a large array of different systems from managing staff, warranties, services, quotes and even safety. To top it all of they all interlink with each other.


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