Airconserve Our energy conservation philosophy is simple- Measure. Adjust. Reduce.




About – What is Airconserve?

Our energy conservation philosophy is simple – Measure. Adjust. Reduce. With an extensive investment in test and measure equipment and highly trained staff we can analyse the parameters of performance your equipment is operating within. Then we can formulate and implement the energy reduction strategy.

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Benefits – Why choose Airconserve?

  • In order for this to work as a higher level service it must be simple and quick.
  • We have invested in all the equipment required to enable us to carry out a full analysis of several systems on one site at the same time.
  • We also have a Retrotech enclosure integrity testing unit which allows us to test any building for leakage, including buildings with gaseous fire suppression systems installed such as data centres.
  • We also service Liebert and Stultz CRAC units.
  • We have technicians with a specific focus on retro-fit projects enabling your equipment to adapt to new standards or make the change to natural refrigerants.

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Implementation – How does Airconserve get put into play?

Airconserve is a growing part of our business where we have the best capacity to discharge our environmental obligations. The focus is of course on reducing electricity consumption but this is not always directly related to energy input. There are many ways to reduce the electricity consumption of the equipment and each site is assessed accordingly. It can be inadequate airflow across the condenser causing the unit to work harder recycling the heat that it is trying to reject, it could be that a small percentage of your conditioned air is leaking out in the ceiling space. It could be directly related to your energy consumption by having an inadequate control strategy or time clocks not set in accordance with how the building is being used. Why not invite one of our team to come around and give you some suggestions. We provide the initial condition assessment free of charge in accordance with our own charter of enhanced environmental stewardship.

Comp and Gauges


Retrotec Q46 and Q32 Duct Testing Blower System Kit:


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