Our history

July 2001

Airconstruct is registered as a company on 4th July, 2001.

May 2004

First mine site project completed in 2004.

November 2004

Awarded Shorelines and Qualia projects on Hamilton Island.

April 2008

Acquired air-care duct cleaning system and overseas training.

November 2008

Launched R&D project for I-cool dragline airconditioning unit.

July 2009

Awarded major maintenance contract at Goonyella Riverside.

May 2010

Awarded dragline and shovel major maintenance at Goonyella Riverside.

July 2010

Developed business and strategic plan.

April 2011

Developed and implemented integrated management systems to eventuate in third party certification.

September 2010

Acquisition of land in Clermont for operational base to be constructed.

September 2012

Acquisition of commercial premises in Mackay for national headquarters.

April 2013

Achieved S.A.I. Global Certification for Safety, Quality and Environment.

July 2013

Achieved major project supplier status.

January 2014

Began construction of operational base at Clermont.

February 2014

Consolidation of growth strategy.

March 2014

Aeris Guard applicator endorsements.

May 2014

Awarded first Department of Justice and Attorney General contract.

June 2014

Awarded first Queensland Health project.

July 2014

Completed first chiller project for Aurizon Network Operations Centre.

August 2014

Awarded preferred contractor status to Aurizon.

September 2014

Completed second Queensland Health project.

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